随着法国画家弗朗西斯.德.朗洛画展的开幕, ICI-LABAS 艺栈也打开了大门,在 798 艺术园区正式落户了。它的成立为园区增添了新的气息,为艺术家提供了新的天地,为中外文化交流搭建了新的平台。艺栈将秉承融汇东西、鼓励创新、搭建平台、服务大众的理念,让东西方文化在这里得以交流,让年轻的艺术家在这里施展才华,让广大民众在这里得到艺术的享受,让中华优秀文化从这里走向世界。



艺栈将向艺术家提供 210 平米的展示空间,接受来自中外艺术家的展出申请。特别鼓励青年艺术家的创作,并提供相应的帮助。




为推动中外文化交流的开展,艺栈还将承接和举办各种文化交流活动,积极参与国家“一带一路”建设,用艺术的语言讲好中国故事。2017 年是艺栈的起点,我们希望它能为大家带来美的感受和祝福,共享艺术的清新和快乐。

798 ICI-LABAS Art Gallery

ICI-LABAS Art Gallery inaugurated its opening at 798 by hosting a solo show of Francis DeLenclos, a French painter in January 2017. The founding of ICI-LABAS Art Gallery has brought in a new aura for 798, a new space for artists as well as a new platform of cultural exchanges between the mainland China and the international community. ICI-LABAS Art Gallery intends to be with a vision to integrate cultures of the Orient, the West, and the others, advocate innovation, build up a platform of exchanges, and serve the public. Thus, cultures of the Orient and the West as well as the others could be integrated on this platform; work by younger artists could be shown here, viewers could enjoy their art, and the Chinese art in excellence could go to the world out of here.


ICI-LABAS Art Gallery major event— exhibition ICI-LABAS Art Gallery offers its gallery space of 210㎡ to showcase works by artists. ICI-LABAS Art Gallery would like to work with artists by encouraging them, especially younger and emerging ones at home and abroad to hand in their exhibition proposals.


ICI-LABAS Art Gallery – culture and art forum ICI-LABAS Art Gallery hosts a variety of events such as seminars and talks by engaging critics, historians, theorists and art lovers.


ICI-LABAS Art Gallery—exchange activity ICI-LABASS Art Gallery would like to receive and co-host all kinds of cultural exchanges in order to promote cultural exchanges between the mainland China and the international community; to involve actively in building-up “One Belt, One Road” by telling interesting Chinese stories using artistic expressions. The year of 2017 is a starter for ICI-LABAS Art Gallery. We hope that it could bring to the public in general best wishes and good feelings through enjoying art.